Enjoy making homemade preserves? Capture that taste of freshly picked strawberries in summer jam; crunchy, fresh, vegetable pickles; hot, spicy, fruit chutney in the autumn. Also enjoy sharp, tangy, breakfast marmalade when the Sevilles arrive in the shops at Christmas. For the keen preserve maker, the season never ends. Anticipate the enjoyment of your efforts in the months ahead, or present them as gifts for family or friends. Making preserves is a ancient craft to provide winter food, from produce grown in gardens or collected from the wild.

Although supermarkets supply a range of ready made products, specialized companies sell preserves at markets of probably higher quality. For the best taste and control of quality, you cannot beat homemade preserves. Over the last few years pick-your-own farms have supplied cheap fresh fruit. The upsurge of allotments holders means that a ready supply of fruit and vegetables suitable for homemade preserving has never been easier. It provides a year long supply of out of season flavours which is also healthy, nutritious and money saving. For those who currently enjoy making preserves, and would like to enter them in their local horticulture show, but are not sure of the procedures, then I offer recipes, advice and tips to get those jars on the show bench. The recipes on this site are tested by myself, family and friends. For the home preserver, I have presented recipes that maximize your ingredients. For those entering shows, where the highest quality is required, the recipes will take longer to prepare and the amount produced is less.

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